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Consensual Nonmonogamy: An online discussion group

Mainstream awareness about consensual nonmonogamy (CNM) has come a long way since I first read The Ethical Slut a couple decades ago.  Books like Polysecure have further developed what secure attachment can look like with more than one partner.

However, the heteronormative ideal of the monogamous couple has remained the dominant vision for love and romantic relationship.  I truly don’t believe that any particular model of relationship is superior.  But I do find that in straying from dominant models, we are tasked with forging our own path.  We have to figure out what works for us individually, as well as deal with social stigma or even estrangement from family or friends.  This can feel daunting.

If you are interested in nonmonogamy (aka polyamory, open relationship, ethical nonmonogamy, swinging, cuckolding, etc.), you may want to talk to others who share similar experiences.  In this online group, we’ll discuss all things CNM/ENM, such as:

  • managing jealousy
  • protecting from STI’s
  • relating with metamours
  • deepening compersion
  • expanding definitions of love and relationship
  • building secure attachment
  • practicing open communication


This is an online, skills-based, discussion group open to adults anywhere.

Groups provide a unique opportunity to view ourselves through the lens of our peers – a powerful and transformative experience.  We practice communication strategies and develop a deeper understanding of ourselves in relationship to others.  Members experience meaningful changes in their lives from the shifts that occur within groups.

Group can be a great alternative to traditional therapy, in that you share the attention with others, still have consistent time reserved for checking in, and yet it’s more affordable. Email me or schedule a consultation if you want to explore whether this group is right for you.


  1. Holly
    June 14, 2022

    How do we sign up?

  2. June 14, 2022

    Hey Holly, if you’re interested, shoot me an email or sign up for a consultation and we’ll go from there!

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