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Grace offers therapy sessions within the states of New York and Colorado, and clinical consultation/coaching worldwide. In-person therapy is offered at the office located in Manhattan, off all major subway lines, at 32 Union Square East, Suite 411, New York, NY 10003.
32 Union Square East, Suite 411, New York, NY 10003

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    Therapy Sessions

    Contact me to get started on your therapy journey and view my services to learn more about how I can help. I offer psychotherapy within the state of Colorado, and clinical consultation/coaching in New York City and worldwide. I specialize in working through repetitive character patterns that limit your ability to cope effectively in your partnership, family, work or peer relationships. I help you find the balance in your life that you have been missing. As you gain self-sufficiency, confidence follows. I can help you discover your passion and start using your gifts in a positive way.

    Therapy provides a confidential space in which clients can talk about what’s on their mind, share insights, think the unthinkable, come up with alternatives and rehearse their next steps. It’s an enjoyable, rewarding and enriching experience, giving the client an opportunity to share new ideas or problem solve with an outside party who understands them. As a certified sex therapist, I offer remote teletherapy to my clients via phone calls or video meetings. With virtual therapy, I am able to offer online therapy anywhere in Colorado. By meeting with a therapist online, many clients find that it offers a convenient and comfortable way to discuss any topic.