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Massage Denver Colorado Louisville Kentucky Swedish Hot Stone Deep Tissue Sports

“Wonderful. Grace worked magic on my shoulder and I left with renewed vigor. She has a marvelous touch. She's a keeper!” —Lois













“I felt like she was inside my body moving my muscles.” —Terry


Grace Ballard is a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist serving the Denver, Colorado area. She also occasionally works in her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. Call her today for an appointment at 502-298-0700.

Massage is not just about helping your body feel good;
it helps your whole world feel better.

It allows you to be quiet and listen to the language of your body. You don't have to live with pain. During your massage and in the days following, you have an opportunity to decode your symptoms and get to the root cause of your issues by visualizing what your symptoms are telling you.

Grace provides professional therapeutic massage with the highest ethical standards. Incorporating massage into your health care regiment enhances your healthy lifestyle, promotes healing of wounds new and old, and integrates the body to reach your authentic self.

Massage can:

• Increase Mobility
• Prevent Injuries
• Improve Recovery
• Relieve Muscle Tension
• Reduce Anxiety and Stress
• Improve Organ Function
• Detoxify Your System
• Restore Sleep Patterns
• Boost Your Immune System
• Reconnect You with Yourself

Your session will produce a relaxed state of alertness, and accelerate recovery from strenuous physical activity and injury.

Grace creates the right massage for your goals using a range of techniques and an extensive knowledge of the human body. Most sessions combine different modalities to provide you with the best treatment.

Swedish Massage utilizes long, flowing strokes often directed toward the heart, improving circulation and flushing toxins from the tissues. This soothing touch relieves stress and takes you to a new level of relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage begins with slow and firm gliding pressure to restore healthy length to contracted myofascial tissue. Muscle adhesions are treated with deep oscillating or static pressure, as Grace tunes in and provides exactly what your body needs to let go of tension.

Trigger Point Therapy works out those stubborn adhesions, usually found deep in tight muscle tissue, which refer sensation to other areas when pressure is applied. Trigger points are caused by stress, be it habitual postural stress, or the stress of physical or emotional trauma. Grace treats trigger points by identifying the problem areas through palpation, then manually compressing and cross-fiber massaging to release stuck muscle fibers.

Sports Massage reduces injuries and inflammation while restoring healthy function to novice or professional athletes. For example, knee pain may be caused by a chronically contracted Iliotibial Band, or pain in the elbow may be caused by hypertonic wrist flexors. Through assisted stretching and circulatory massage, Grace identifies the root of discomfort and alleviates tension so that you continue to enjoy the activities that you love.

Hot Stone Massage provides a deeply relaxing Swedish or Deep Tissue massage using smooth basalt stones heated to 125 degrees. Grace holds the stones in her hands while giving traditional massage strokes and also places them in specific points along the spine, in the palm of your hands and even between your toes. The heat from the stones penetrates muscle tension, releases toxins and melts you into a deep state of relaxation.

Thai Massage is an ancient form of medicine often called Yoga Massage, originated by Buddha’s physician in the 5th Century B.C. Wearing comfortable clothing, you will be stretched and massaged on a mat on the floor, following the path of Sen Sib lines (similar to energy meridians). The rhythmic rocking and stretching of Thai Massage settles you into a meditative state while lengthening muscles and loosening joints.


Massage Denver Co Louisville Ky Swedish Hot Stone Deep Tissue Sports


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